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Skip the guesswork: shop smarter and look better using your personal AI tailor.
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Use Seamless at dozens of brands including

See how clothes will fit you before you buy.

And save some coin in the process.

Any brand

Say goodbye to repetitive measurements: Our AI tailor recommends the perfect fit at every online retailer!

Stop reading "size guides"

No more size guides. They're old school and annoying to read! Let Seamless handle it, and you'll get the best fitting clothes.

Your fit, no one else's.

The perfect fit goes beyond just a "size". Our AI learns your preferences in fit, fabric, and style, guiding you to find more of what you love.

Rewards & Discounts

Being a conciouentous shopper should be rewarding - so we've partnered with top rewards platforms so you can feel better about shopping online. Oh, and we'll pass you exclusive discounts along the way!

How it Works

Chrome & Safari Extension

Add the Seamless browser extension to your mobile or desktop browser, and keep shopping the way you normally do. Seamless will alert you on fit when hovering over an image, or within the product page.

Get and store your measurements

Seamless will capture and store your measurements for easy reference. Choose between three options: 
Upload 2 photos and Seamless will measure for you
Tell us what sizing you get from a favorite brand
Input your measurements manually

How do you like it to fit?

A good fit is more than just sizing, it's about your style and fit preferences. We know every brand fits you differently. Seamless will automatically assess fit based on how you want it to fit and what style you're going for.

Finding the best clothes is rewarding

Seamless makes earning rewards and getting discounts across brands as easy as ever.

Enjoy better fitting clothing

Seamless will show you how clothes fit across brands, and alert you on deals you're missing out on.

Seamless is coming!

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